Our work

This laboratory contributes to the development of R & D related to the hardware and software technology of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM), traffic infrastructures, marketing, etc., and conducts various research, study, and development to exchange information and interact with related engineers and related ministry officials, and to train young engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Specifically, the following concepts are envisioned.


·    Investigation and exploration of the hardware and software technologies of Urban Air Mobility.

·   Survey and research on safety systems management of air traffic including conventional aircraft.

·    Research on introduction and evaluation of Urban Air Mobility by cooperation between industry and academia.

·    Surveys and promotion activities to introduce new catagories (LSA: Light Sport Aircraft).

·    Study of green technology including high efficiency electric motor and silent propeller.

·    Design, prototype, and evaluation of electric small aircraft.

·    Design and proposal of a feasible Urban Air Mobility.

·    Applied Research of Urban Air Mobility by Marking.

·    Wide range of exchanges with researchers and research institutes in Japan and overseas.

·    Broadcasting and spreading research activities and research results through the web, exhibitions, and academic association.


 UAM(Urban Air Mobility)                           LSA(Light Sport Aircraft)


In order to achieve the above-mentioned attainment goals, this laboratory conducts research on the direction and future direction of future research, by making an interim report on the research results during the three-year period of the first half of the five-year installation period (June 2018 to March 2023), and plans activities for the next two-years.